Established 1993 in Amsterdam centre on the corner of the crossing where the Rozengracht meets the Marnixstraat. Depending on the night there are DJs and live acoustic sessions otherwise the bar staff play great music. Sometime on special days there are special events.

The Soundgarden’s terrace is a must for anybody who loves to sit next to the water with an eclectic bunch of people with discerning music tastes in rock. People with two things in common; A love of rock music in all it’s genres and a desire to hang out in an alternative and open environment. The Soundgarden has become infamous for it’s international clientele, so when sitting on the terrace you can quite easily hear more than half a dozen languages.

There’s more to shout out about at the Soundgarden, those who work there are either musicians, singers or engineers or are just passionate about music, and what makes them different from most Amsterdam establishments is that they’re friendly and they love to do their job well… rather than just looking at you with a look of ‘what the f*** do you want’ expression on their faces.

The Beer is great too, as the Soundgarden is a freehold pub, so it can choose it’s beers, there’s always an interesting range. If you want to keep busy there’s also Pinball, Table Football and Pool.

In the Summer the Terrace is the place to be, next to the water, with an art-wall painted with plant murals creating a park like feeling, with the strains of quality music floating in the background, a glass of the Soundgarden’s Spango in one hand completes the bliss.

See U in the Soundgarden soon.